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I realised my collection of fic was just getting longer and longer, and figured that a handy list of all the things I've written in one easy to find entry was a good idea.

For my Harry Potter, King Arthur and other small fandom's fics, please see the relevant tags or check this journal's memories. This list contains only my Supernatural and RPS stories.



Got Issues: PG-13, Episode - Skin.
Art Exhibitionism: NC-17, Season 1.
What You Will Find {Is Right There In Front Of You}: implied Sam/Dean, G, Season 1.
Say You Understand {I Never Had This Planned}: R, Season 1 (now AU).
Truths (Not) To Tell: implied Sam/Dean, G, pre-series - Stanford years.
Lifetime Warranty {Will Last All His Life}: NC-17, Season 2.
Tequila-Induced: Sam/Dean, PG-13, Season 2.
The Last Day (Make It Last Remix): PG-13, written for [ profile] spn_remix, AU as of Season 3.
Somewhere In Between: Sam/Dean, PG, Season 3.
Shelter Beneath the Mundane (I'm Gonna Fade Away Remix): PG, written for [ profile] spn_remix, AU as of Season 4.

Ain't No Orpheus 'verse - AU as of Season 3.
Ain't No Orpheus (He's No Eurydice): R.


One Man's Failure: G, pre-series.
Veritas Vos Liberabit: PG, Season 1.
Whatever It Takes: PG, AU, Episode - In My Time Of Dying.
Speaking Without Saying A Thing: G, pre-series - wee!chesters.
Reverse (Collide): PG, Episode - Bedtime Stories.


Aftertaste: Ruby/Demon, NC-17, Episode - Malleus Maleficarum.


It's All Over: Sam/Jensen (Sam/Dean, Jared/Jensen), NC-17.



Things I Want To Say: R, first time.
In Which Jared Is Mischievous And Jensen Is Clueless: R, PWP.
Slow Ride, Take It Easy: NC-17, PWP.
Eyes On Me: NC-17, PWP, AU.
Nothing Without You: NC-17, written for [ profile] spn_harlequin, AU.
I'm gonna be bad (It's gonna feel good): NC-17, PWP.
(Boy) Toy Story: PG, crack.


It's Okay (Dream Away): PG-13, first time.
Introduction to Composition: R, first time.
Good Morning (Sunshine): PG.
Spinning Circus on a Wheel: PG.
A Fool Hiding In Another Town: PG-13.
Christian Kane's Guide To Saying "I Love You": PG.
Break Every Clock: R (overall), High School AU.
Love's Not Time's Fool: R.


Right Here Between Your Hips: Steve Carlson/Christian Kane/Chad Michael Murray/Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, PWP, NC-17.
Training Wheels: Steve Carlson/Jensen Ackles, past Steve/Jensen/Chris, PG.
Get Mine, Get Yours: Sandra McCoy/Danneel Harris, Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, NC-17.
Collision With The Southbound Train: Steve Carlson/Christian Kane/Chad Michael Murray, first time, NC-17.
Faithful Friends That Are Dear To Us: Steve Carlson/Jensen Ackles, unrequited Chris/Steve/Jensen, PG.
You're gonna have to ask (nicely please): Steve/Chris/YOU, NC-17, PWP.


Baby 'verse (Jared/Jensen, Chris/Steve)
Apocalypse Please: Jared/Jensen, PG.
These graces that hold me: Chris/Steve, PG-13.

Quadrilateral 'verse (Jared/Jensen/Chris/Steve)
Party Line: Jared/Jensen, Chris/Steve, NC-17.

SPLAT! 'verse (Jared/Jensen, Chris/Steve) - Superhero!AU
Whizz, Bang, SPLAT!: Jared/Jensen, R.

Hymns 'verse (Chris/Steve/Jensen) - Slave!AU
Hymns for the Exiled: NC-17.
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