Party Line

Nov. 4th, 2008 02:26 pm
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Title: Party Line
Author: [ profile] dea_liberty
Pairing: Jensen/Jared/Chris/Steve
Rating: NC-17
Feedback: All feedback, including constructive criticism, is welcomed.
Disclaimer: This is FICTION. None of it's real.
A/N: So much thanks to [ profile] waterofthemoon for the super fast beta.

“Steve and Chris’re hot,” Jared says, and Jensen almost sends them both tumbling down the stairs he’s trying to navigate.

“Steve and Chris’re hot,” Jared says, and Jensen almost sends them both tumbling down the stairs he’s trying to navigate.


“I said,” Jared says, like Jensen’s a particularly dumb child. Which is really kind of stupid, considering Jared is the one who’s drunk, and the one making seriously random comments about Jensen’s friends being hot. “Steve and Chris are hot.”

Jensen already knew that much. “Yeah, Jared, but why’re you telling me this?”

“Because they are,” Jared says, the d’uh implicit in his tone. Jared’s looking at him like he’s the guy that, until a couple of seconds ago, insisted that he was straight except for where Jensen was concerned; Jensen hadn’t known whether to be insulted or flattered. “They’re really hot,” he adds when Jensen doesn’t answer, like Jensen hasn’t been freaking out every time Jared throws his arms around some guy because he’s pretty sure that one day, Jared’s going to realise that guys in general are hot, not just Jensen. As if Jensen’s the one that’s just discovered that, hey, guys are hot, too.

“Yes, Jared,” Jensen says. It’s Chris and Steve, and it’s hard to deny that the two of them are hot. Besides, it’s Chris and Steve, so they’re no threat to Jensen; they come as a packaged pair, and if anyone tried to pry them apart, Jensen’s pretty sure no one would even find the body. “I know Chris and Steve are hot.”

Jared nods like Jensen just told him the meaning of life. “They are,” he says, nodding again. He’s still agreeing when Jensen dumps him on the bed. “’Specially when they’re all… all over each other and snuggled up and cute and stuff.”

Jensen files the snuggled up and cute for future mockery. He’s not sure whether it’s to mock Jared or Chris and Steve, but he’s sure it’s going to come in handy someday. He nods, and Jared just nods back. Wow, Jared’s pliant tonight.

“It’s really hot,” Jared says, “when they’re kissing and stuff.”

Jared is probably going to try to drown himself in the bathtub when he gets sober again, and Jensen’s going to milk it for everything it’s worth.

“Yeah, Jared, it is,” he says. “They are.” Jensen’s sure he should be panicking by now, considering his boyfriend is currently fixated by the hotness of guys who aren’t him, but, well, it’s ChrisandSteve.

He’s kind of relieved that Jared does, in fact, find other guys hot and that he doesn’t see Jensen as some chick. And he can’t really fault Jared’s taste in men; the floorshow those two almost gave the whole club tonight was pretty damn admirable.

And, well, Jensen’s never been one to miss an opportunity. Jared’s still young and new to all of this; he’s probably curious and wants to experiment and everything, but hell if Jensen’s going to actually let him go so he can do that. Jensen’s a nice guy, but it’s taken a damn long time to find someone like Jared.

But if Jared really is curious, then Chris and Steve are the perfect option. They’re his friends, so neither would run off with Jared, and they’re practically one person, so Jared can’t run off with one of them—and they’re really hot. And really, really fucking good in bed.

And yes, Jensen does know that for a fact. He’s really starting to love this plan.

“Didn’t think your pup had it in him,” Chris says when Jensen calls to share his master plan. “But it figures. No one you pick up’s ever exactly vanilla.”

“That’s not funny, Chris,” Jensen replies, frowning a little. Chris doesn’t quite sound right. “So?” he prompts. “What d’you think?”

“Yeah,” Chris answers. “Yeah, we’re up for it.”

Jensen tips his head sideways because it still doesn’t sound right. “Chris, are you sure? I mean, you don’t gotta if you don’t want to.”

“Fuck, yes,” Chris says, but there’s still that edge to his voice, and Jensen just can’t put his finger on what it is.

“Chris, if you guys aren’t—”

“I said, yes, all right? Fuck, yes, we’re sure we wanna help your boy discover the joys of—” He’s cut off by something that sound suspiciously like a moan. Jensen frowns again.

“Chris? Are you—”

Holy shit, Steve. I’m on the phone, you bast—oh god..” Chris’ voice comes through the line, choked and needy. Jensen can tell he’s trying to cover the mouthpiece, but Chris never did have much coordination when Steve’s mouth was anywhere near him.

There’s a little fumbling around, and then the sounds get clearer. He can hear all too clearly the wet pop as Steve slides his mouth off Chris’ dick. One of them’s put him on the speakerphone.

“Jensen doesn’t mind, do you, Jen?” Steve says. Jensen can picture his smile and, from the way Chris moans in the background, the way he licks a line from the base of Chris’ cock to the tip.

“Kinky fuckers,” Jensen breathes, pressing a hand to his crotch because Jesus fuck.

“Says the guy who wants to have a foursome,” Chris says, chuckling. “Miss us that mu—” He’s cut off by another groan. Jensen closes his eyes and listens to those little sounds Chris makes just for Steve, the almost-pleas that leave his lips. He can picture the hold Chris has on Steve’s hair, Steve’s hands on Chris’ hips—hears the moment Chris comes, Steve’s name on his lips.

“So,” Steve says, his voice rougher than usual, throat raw. It’s so fucking hot Jensen almost whines. “Next time you’re in town, bring Jared around.” Steve pauses, and there’s the sound of lips meeting and Chris’ murmurs, so quiet Jensen almost can’t hear them. He hears Steve groping for the speaker phone button again. “Oh, and Jensen?”

“Yeah,” Jensen says, trying to keep his voice normal.

“Go jerk off in the shower or something,” Steve teases. Chris laughs, happy and sated, as the phone goes dead.

Bastards, Jensen thinks. Jared isn’t even home. He sighs, gets off the couch, and heads towards the shower. Why the fuck does he call them his friends again?

He’s reminded why when Steve calls him a few days later.

“You and your boy at home?” Steve asks him. Jensen glances over at Jared, who’s sprawled out on their couch, reading a book.

“Yeah,” Jensen says. “What’s up?”

“Nothin’ much,” Steve says. “Except that part where I’m thinking with my brain rather than my dick, and I figured you probably haven’t told Jared about your great plan yet. How d’you know he won’t freak out?”

Jensen doesn’t actually have an answer to that.

He can hear Steve’s suffering sigh all too clearly. He can even picture the roll of Steve’s eyes. “Listen,” Steve says. “Here’s what you gotta do….”

Five minutes later, he’s sliding into Jared’s lap and putting the book to one side.

“Jay,” Jensen breathes, lips brushing over Jared’s.

“Hmm?” Jared slides his hands down Jensen’s back to rest on his hips, tugging him in closer, and opens his mouth to deepen the kiss. His hand sneaks under Jensen’s t-shirt, thumbs brushing small circles over Jensen’s skin.

“You know how you think Steve and Chris are hot?” Jensen feels Jared go still under him and pulls back to meet Jared’s eyes, hands sliding into his hair. “It’s okay, you know,” he says when he sees the deer-in-headlights look in Jared’s eyes.

“Jensen?” The uncertainty in his voice is so clear that it makes Jensen ache a little. “I don’t—I mean—it doesn’t mean I—”

“Listen,” Jensen tells him, making sure their gazes are still locked. “It’s okay. It’s really okay, Jared.” He brushes his thumb over Jared’s ear and leans down to kiss his eyes before he pulls back to look at him again. “Back before I found you, I used to mess around with them sometimes.”

Jared frowns and opens his mouth, but Jensen cuts him off. “It wasn’t anything serious. It was just messing around. Hot as fuck. But, see, they’ve pretty much had each other’s ownership papers for years. Ain’t no one on earth who can get between that, and you’d have to be stupid to try.”

Jensen leans down, meets Jared’s mouth, and kisses him, lingering with his teeth scraping over Jared’s lower lip. “That was the first time I’ve ever heard you say any guy but me’s hot, and flattering and reassuring as it was to know you just wanted me, I don’t want you to feel like you never get to experience anything.” He bites down a little harder on Jared’s mouth and tugs. “If we let them, they’ll help you. If you want them, they’ll help us.”

When Jensen grinds down a little, he knows Jared wants it—he can feel Jared, hot and hard under him.


“Just as much as you want,” Jensen promises. “Just go as far as you’re comfortable. That’s all. We stop whenever we want to stop.”

“You’re not supposed to push your boyfriend on other people, Jen,” Jared says, his voice trembling a little. Jensen grinds down again and feels Jared’s answering buck.

“It’s not people,” Jensen replies, like that explains everything. “It’s Chris and Steve. They own each other. Doesn’t matter what we do—they’ll be each other’s, and you’ll be mine, just like I’m yours. Nothing about any of that changes.”

Jensen kisses Jared again and lets it deepen a little. “Like the sound of that?” Jensen asks when he pulls away, moving further back when Jared chases his lips. “Hm?”

Jared hesitates a little before he nods. His hands tightening on Jensen’s hips are the only signs of any real uncertainty in Jared’s body. Still, Steve’s right; they have to make sure.

Jensen grins and reaches over to the coffee table and dials a number, eyes on Jared the whole time.

Steve picks up on cue. “Hey.”

“Steve,” Jensen says, lips curling up into a soft, reassuring smile as he kisses Jared again. “What’ve you got for us?”

“Chris, actually.” Steve’s voice comes crackling over the speakers, low and intimate. “Hi, Jared.”

Jared swallows hard, and he looks at Jensen, uncertain. At Jensen’s nod, he manages a soft, almost shy, “Hi.”

“You doin’ all right there?” Steve asks.

“Yeah,” Jared answers. Jensen can see him relax a little at Steve’s reassuring voice.

“Remember, Jensen can hang up whenever you get uncomfortable, yeah?” Steve reminds them all. Jensen can hear his smile as he continues. “Just relax and have fun, Jared. Enjoy it.”

“We gonna get started, or are you and the pup gonna make small talk all night?” Chris’ voice is breathier than usual. Jared’s eyebrows rise, and Jensen grins a little.

“Get used to it,” he whispers. “Chris sounds even fuckin’ better all fucked out. Steve swears it’s almost sweeter than the music he makes.”

“Jensen?” Steve prompts.

Jensen laughs a little. “C’mon then, Carlson, we’re waiting. What’ve you got?”

“Chris,” Steve repeats. “I hope you don’t mind us getting started without you. You just took a little longer than we wanted to wait, and we got a little ahead of the game.” Jensen raises an eyebrow as a soft moan filters through the phone.

“He’s cuffed to the bed,” Steve says, voice low and rough, practically dripping sex. Jensen feels Jared harden under him and grins, ducking his head to mouth at Jared’s collarbone. Jared makes a soft, breathy sound, and Jensen just smiles wider. “He’s all spread open….”

A louder, shakier moan comes through, and Jensen gets it. He slides his lips up to rest against Jared’s ear. “Steve’s probably got him naked, legs spread wide, and he’s teasin’ like fuck. Steve’s a goddamn cock tease.”

“What’s he doin’?” Jared asks, hips rocking up against Jensen’s a little more. Another moan from Chris, and Jensen slides his hand down to trace the insides of Jared’s thighs through his jeans.

“Right now? Probably nipping around Chris’ thighs, teeth and lips skimming close enough that his breath slides over Chris’ cock, but he won’t touch it. That’s not what he wants, is it, Steve?” he says, half to Jared, half to the phone.

“Mmhmm,” Steve hums over Chris’ low groan and soft cursing. “I’m gonna make him come, and I’m not gonna even touch his cock.”

It takes a moment for that to sink in, but then Jared’s moaning as well, echoing the sound that comes through their house phone. Jensen grins wide, rubbing against Jared a little harder.

“Chris loves it,” he whispers before his teeth tug on Jared’s ear. “Chris really fucking loves being opened up—he’s an absolute whore for Steve’s fingers, his lips and his tongue… he can’t get enough of it. Just arches up more, spreads his legs wider to let Steve in closer, easier. He practically begs for it—ain’t that right, Steve?”

“Yeah,” Steve says. “He’s already leaking, and I’ve only worked one finger in there. Fucking hot—really fucking tight.” There’s a pause, then a half-whimper from Chris. “Hear that?” Steve asks, considerably more breathless.

“This gets to him as much as it gets to Chris,” Jensen whispers in Jared’s ear. “He’s probably just as hard by now. Probably has to keep tellin’ himself to breathe and not just come right there, just watching what this does to Chris, knowing it’s him that does it.”

The whimper-moan comes again, a little louder this time. “Hear those sounds he makes?”

Jared swallows hard. “Yeah,” he breathes. His hand slides down, fingers slipping under the waistband of Jensen’s jeans. “Yeah, I hear them.”

That’s it, Jensen thinks. They’re getting there; Jared’s relaxing more with every sound that comes through the speakers, and Jensen can feel Jared starting to rub up against him more, trying to find friction.

The tone of the moan changes into a choked gasp that trails off in a clear groan of Steve’s name, and Jared’s breath catches at the sound. Jensen smiles.

“Like the sound of that?” Jensen asks, hot breath against Jared’s cheek. “Y’know what makes him moan like that?”

“Oh God, Steve—” Chris chokes out. “Again. Do it again.”

Jensen starts undoing Jared’s jeans, slipping his hand inside to cup Jared through his boxers. “That’s the sound Chris makes when Steve licks him open.” He tries not to grin too hard when Jared bucks up into his hand. “He’s probably sliding his tongue into Chris, fingers scissoring, using that to keep him open as he tongue fucks him. Ain’t that right, Chris? That what he’s doing?”

They get a moan in answer, followed by soft, almost imperceptible sounds of rustling material and the slight clink of cuffs on the headboard as Chris twists in the sheets. “Fuck, Steve,” Chris grits out, voice low and rough. “Fuck, don’t—don’t fucking tease.”

“There’s this thing Steve does with his fingers,” Jensen continues, quiet enough that they can hear the panting and muffled wet sounds coming through the phone. “His fingers and his tongue, and it always drives Chris insane, makes him twist, hips bucking, trying to get Steve to give him more. S’fucking gorgeous, s’what it is… the way Chris tries to screw his hips back, the way his legs spread more, the way he practically shakes with want….”

Jensen pulls back a little to watch Jared’s face as his hand curls around Jared’s dick through the cotton. He pumps hard enough to give him a little friction, but it’s more teasing than anything else. Jared moans, echoing a shuddery, shaky groan that comes through the speakers.

God, they definitely need better phones.

Jensen shifts enough to get one leg out of his jeans as he gropes for the lube they have stuffed somewhere in their couch. His other hand pulls at Jared’s jeans and boxers until he frees his cock and can wrap his hand around it.

“Oh fuck, Jensen,” Jared says, hips jerking up and—fuck yes—rubs up right against Jensen.

“Yeah,” Jensen says, loud enough that he knows Chris and Steve can hear him, too. “That’s the plan. You’re gonna fuck me as you listen to Chris fall apart.”

Three moans echo around him, sounding better than porn on surround sound. Jensen doesn’t bother with preliminaries—listening to those two is more than enough foreplay to get him relaxed—and just slides two lubed fingers into himself as he leans forwards to whisper into Jared’s ear again.

“Hear how breathless Chris got? Hear those tiny whimpers?” Jared stills under him, listening to the sounds Chris and Steve are making: quiet, wet licks; rustling and clinking of sheets and metal cuffs; panted breaths and soft, choked noises. Jared presses his face against Jensen’s neck and whines low in his throat.

Steve,” Chris almost pleads.

Jensen has to muffle his moan against Jared’s skin when Jared echoes that. “Jen, please.” He takes a breath and nods, then shifts so he can sit back down on Jared’s cock, moaning as Jared slides all the way inside him.

“Oh fuck, Jen,” Jared groans, hips bucking up and sending a spark of pleasure-pain right up Jensen’s spine.

“What’s going on?” Steve asks, his voice sending a shiver through them both because holy fuck. “Jen? Jay?” They hear a protest from Chris, one that’s half cut off by a choked groan as Steve screws his fingers up inside him.

“Jen’s—Jen’s—oh, fuck.” Jensen grins and starts to move, fucking himself on Jared, keeping the pace slow and steady. “Jen’s ridin’ me,” Jared finally gets out. “Ain’t even got our clothes off, but fuck, he’s so fuckin’ tight and hot and all flushed and needy.” There’s a pause, and then Jared surprises Jensen almost enough to make his rhythm falter. “Get Chris off. Wanna hear it.”

Jensen’s not even sure who’s moaning anymore. They probably all are, anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

Jared grips his hips and fucks into him in earnest, and there’s only a blur of names and moans, whimpers and whines, and holy fuck, he loves the way Jared feels inside him. He’s pretty sure he’s going to bruise, which just makes this even hotter.

“Steve ain’t even fuckin’ him,” he purrs, leaning down to bite at Jared’s earlobe, tugging once before he blows over the wet, sensitive skin. “You should hear him when he is. But fuck, listen to that. He’s close. So fuckin’ close, and no one’s touched his dick.”

“C’mon,” Jared urges, hand closing around Jensen’s cock and stroking in time with their movements. The words are aimed at the phone, though. “C’mon, Chris…”

A few seconds later, there’s the telltale hitching of Chris’ breath. “Almost…” Jensen tells Jared. “Just, almost—there.”

It’s almost impossible to describe the sound Chris makes when he comes, but Jared must agree with how fucking hot it is because he slams up into Jensen hard enough to make him whine, hands gripping Jared’s hips to steady himself. His head falls back as his eyes close, and Jared takes that as an invitation to start lipping at the skin of his throat.

“C’mon,” Chris says, voice slow and sated, drawl more pronounced than ever. “Steve… come up here. Lemme taste you.”

Jared moans, and Jensen rocks harder against him, knowing exactly what’s coming next. “He ain’t gonna need much,” he manages to tell Jared. He doesn’t want Jared to be left out. “The moment Chris gets his mouth on him, Steve’s gonna shoot.”

Right then, Steve moans long and loud, harmonized with a muffled noise from Chris, the metallic clink of those handcuffs, slight squeak of the bed, and the sound of skin on skin.

Jared’s hand tightens around Jensen’s cock, then twists, and Jensen’s climax hits him by surprise. He groans Jared’s name as his back arches and his world whites out for a moment, but even then, he feels Jared coming apart under him, moaning low right against Jensen’s ear.

Once he can remember how to move, Jensen pulls back to kiss Jared, slow and lazy. “Good?” he asks, and he hears a low chuckle come through the phone.

“I fucking hope so,” Chris says. Steve laughs in the background. “Fuck, I feel like my brain’s been shot outta my dick.” Jensen hears him flop back onto the pillow and wonders when the fuck the handcuffs came off. Probably when he was off in “holy shit, this is what heaven feels like” land.

Jared nods, grinning wide. “Fuck, yeah,” he drawls. “I ain’t retarded. That was… yeah. Yeah.”

Steve laughs. “Sounds like Jared’s brain isn’t exactly turned on, either.”

Jensen smiles at Jared and kisses him again. “We’re down in LA soon,” he says. “Should drop in for a visit.”

“I damn well hope you can keep up with us, boy,” Chris says. Jensen can hear the smirk in his voice. “Wouldn’t be half as fun if you ain’t got it in you.”

“Count on it, fucker. You two are the old men here,” Jared sing-songs back, and then they’re all laughing, bright and happy. Jensen’s pretty sure none of them have the slightest idea why. “Wonder if it’ll look as good in technicolor as it sounds over the phone.”

“Wait and see,” Steve almost purrs. “We’ll give you one hell of a show, kid.”

I don’t doubt it, Jensen thinks because he knows what they look like. He knows what they are like, and that’s fucking hot. Really fucking hot. And adding Jared into that mix? Jensen’s pretty sure he’s died and gone to heaven because this kind of thing can’t be real. People just don’t get that lucky.

“I’ll look forward to it.” Jared’s grinning at him still, hands starting to pet his hair, and Jensen kind of feels like all his muscles have turned to jello. He steals a lazy kiss before settling his head on Jared’s shoulder and hears the rumble of Jared saying something else to the phone, but it doesn’t quite register. He’s worn out and sated and really fucking happy, and he drifts off to sleep to the sound of laughter and then the dial tone as Steve hangs up.


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