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Title: Whizz, Bang, SPLAT!
Author: [ profile] dea_liberty
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Rating: R
Feedback: All feedback, including constructive criticism, is welcomed.
Disclaimer: This is FICTION. None of it's real.
A/N: Written for [ profile] cathybites for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas. I'm so sorry it's late! I owe so much to [ profile] gray_light and [ profile] waterofthemoon for their amazing super-fast betas, and a thank you to everyone in chat for cheerleading!

Compared to some of the things he’d had to figure out before, “come meet our new puppy” was relatively simple.

Come and meet our new puppy.

The note was cryptic. Short and, well, very Kripke-like, just appearing on the specifically designed Post-It notes-look-a-like computer messaging device… thing Kripke had insisted they use in place of normal communications tools.

“For guaranteed secrecy—no one would suspect important Superhero Network information would be on a Post-It note,” Kripke had said. As much as Jensen hated to admit it, the bastard was right. No one would ever look for secret messages on something so ordinary. Especially when they were so damn small that when normal people who were not Kripke attempted to relay messages, they had to use multiple notes, or the words were so squished together only Justin and his ability to read anything in existence could actually make sense of it without the help of a magnifying glass.

Compared to some of the things he’d had to figure out before, “come meet our new puppy” was relatively simple. If really confusing because seriously, what the hell did the Heroes Network need a puppy for?

Unless it was an extra special super-powered puppy. Like Underdog. That had to be it; they had to be getting a super puppy, or else Kripke was really starting to lose it. Or he was bored—really, really bored.

Jensen reached into his bag and pulled out the comic book stashed there, flipping through until he reached one of the panels with a door, slid his finger over it, and promptly fell into it. One of these days, he was going to start finding Kripke’s methods funny. Until then, he was just going to sigh every time he had to dig out something fictional superhero-related in order to get into his very real superhero headquarters. Ha-fucking-ha.

He stepped out into the teleportation room and headed straight for mission control. He glanced towards the corner as he came through the door, lips twitching at he caught sight of Chris and Steve, who were smoking something that definitely wasn’t a cigarette. As usual. If there was a more fitting partnership in the world, Jensen had yet to see it. The plant-controlling guy and the pyrokinetic? It was just asking for trouble.

Chris waved him over and offered him the joint. “You want?”

Jensen shook his head. “Nah. What’s going on with this new puppy Kripke posted about?”

Steve gestured to the other side of the room. Jensen had somehow managed to completely miss the three puppies bouncing around the big, tall guy, tails wagging, tongues lolling as the guy managed to somehow play with all of them at once.

“I thought Eric wrote puppy. Singular. Why are there three, and which one is ours?”

“The big tall one in the middle,” Kripke said, laughing. He patted Jensen on the arm before he used that grip to pull him along. “Come and meet your new teammate, boys.”

“So what does he do?” Jensen asked, trailing along after him. “Train super puppies? Is that why we have the dogs here, too?”

Kripke stopped and looked at him. “No,” he said after a minute. “The puppies are here because we found them, they’re cute, and Jared asked if we could keep them.”

“Jared would be…?”

Kripke gestured to the new guy, eyebrow raised.

“Oh.” That had been kind of a stupid question. Then again, it wasn’t like Jensen was expecting Jared to have managed to con Kripke into keeping dogs on the first day at HQ. “And… Jared wanted to keep the puppies.” He glanced over and watched Jared turn one over and playfully pin it with his hand as the others jumped out, nipping and barking happily. “And it has nothing to do with his abilities at all.”

Kripke shook his head. “Nope.” He was almost sing-songing, which usually didn’t mean anything good.

“You’re not going to tell me, are you?”

Kripke smirked. “Nope.”

Jensen sighed. “I hate you.” Kripke knew he hated not knowing things, and he really, really loved to toy with Jensen. It drove Jensen insane.

“Jared!” Kripke called out before Jensen could say anything else. The guy looked up and pulled himself to his feet, and god, he was a giant. “This here’s Jensen.”

One giant paw appeared in his line of sight. “Hi, Jensen, I’m Jared. It’s really good to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you even before I—and Eric’s told me so much. And…. hi.”

Jensen took the offered hand and shook it. “Hi.”

Jared beamed at him. “Hi.”

“So,” Jensen said, lips twitching. He couldn’t help it. Something about Jared’s enthusiasm was catching. “What is your power? This bastard here loves to torture me and won’t tell me.”

Jared laughed. “I’d hate to get on the wrong side of the boss on the first day,” he said with a cheeky grin and a wink. “I’m going to have to leave you guessing for now.”

And if the grin wasn’t so infectious, Jensen would probably have hated him then and there. As it was, he was beginning to understand why there was now a puppy trying to eat his shoe. Jensen was also starting to suspect that was Jared’s power—the ability to make everyone like him, even when they should really be suspicious of him. Or his super power was in those damn eyes. And that grin. And the dimples.

“Is your power just being stupidly nice or something?” What? Did he just say that out loud? His eyes narrowed. Maybe that was Jared’s power—making people tell the truth—but that would be a little stupid. Chad could do that, and they really didn’t need another Chad on the team.

Jared laughed. “That depends,” he said with another teasing grin. “Is yours being exceptionally pretty?”

Jensen should hate him. Really, he should. What he shouldn’t have been doing was fighting the urge to blush. What the hell was this guy’s deal, anyway? He wasn’t sure he could think up a witty retort for Jared’s comment, so instead, he went with arching one eyebrow.

Jared ducked his head and flushed, grin tugging at his lips. “Sorry. It’s just, y’know. You are. Even though I know it’s not your power, and it’s—I mean, I’ve heard of you, like I said before, and Kripke briefed me before I joined, and—I… uh… I was joking.”

Jensen stared. “I know.” Anger, Ackles. Not thinking that the whole mumbling and blushing and head-ducking was adorable. They were supposed to be superheroes, damn it, not schoolgirls.

Jared was starting to shift uncomfortably. Jensen looked up, and how was that even fair? He was the one with the super strength, and there was some overgrown puppy, fidgeting and attempting to look small, standing four or five inches taller than him. He hoped Jared’s power wasn’t to… get bigger or something.

And his mind totally just took a dive into the gutter.

This new kid was really starting to fuck with his head. He looked at Jared again, trying to figure out if maybe this wasn’t as innocent as it seemed, but all he found were a pair of huge eyes looking back at him, wide and apologetic, and a tiny hopeful smile that was starting to fall.

Jensen rolled his eyes and nodded towards Chris and Steve, then tried not to look too horrified when he turned to find Chris blowing smoke at one of the puppies Jared had brought in. It was wagging its tail enthusiastically, paws on Chris’ knees, trying to get closer. He tried not to stomp over, and, for the most part, managed. Or so he thought. Steve just smirked at him when he picked up the puppy. Jensen ignored him.

Distracted from the smoke, the little bastard turned to lick enthusiastically at Jensen’s face.

“Aww, look,” Chris said. “You’re gonna make such a good mommy one day, Jenny.”

“I hate you,” Jensen told him.

Chris puckered up. “I love you, too.”

Jensen flipped him off as he turned and looked at Jared. “You don’t want those—” He pointed to the dogs. “Anywhere near them—” Jensen pointed to Chris and Steve, “If you don’t want them to be addicted to cannabis before they learn to lift their leg when they pee.”

“Actually,” Steve said, still smirking. “The one you’re holding’s a girl.”

Steve was just lucky Jensen was still holding the damn puppy. “You probably don’t want to be anywhere near them, either,” he said to Jared, then nodded towards one of the other doors. “C’mon. I’ll show you around. We can find a place for these rascals, too.”


“What do you mean ‘take the kid out, show him how you do things’?” Jensen demanded, hurrying after Kripke. “I don’t even know what the kid does. You can’t expect me to babysit him when we’re out there.”

“You won’t need to,” Kripke said, sighing. “He can take care of himself if he needs to.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know that,” Jensen argued, reaching out and turning Kripke to look at him. “I can’t take him out if I don’t know how he can take care of himself or what the hell he can do to help me.”

“Just do it, okay? Stop arguing.” Kripke opened the door to the control room and gestured at the screen. “Kim’s already done the preliminary work. Looks like it’s just Kreuk up to her usual cat burglary.”

“You’re sending me out to hit a girl. Again.”

Kripke raised an eyebrow. “You want me to send Kane out to burn her?”

“Point taken,” Jensen huffed, grabbing the palm device from the table and attaching it to his belt. “If the kid gets in my way, I’ll hit him, too.”

“I’ll be sure to duck,” Jared said, grinning as he joined Jensen on his way out of the control room.

“This isn’t a joke,” Jensen told him, turning to look at him. “Get yourself killed on your first mission, and I’ll get Jeffrey to resurrect your zombie ass so I can kick it for ruining my damn reputation.”

Jared patted his shoulder. “I won’t, Jen,” he said, squeezing. Jensen should smack him one just for the nickname and for taking this so damn lightly, acting like it’s some kind of game. “I’m a superhero, remember?”

“Yeah?” Jensen said, raising an eyebrow as he opened a gateway. “So why’re you acting so much like a sidekick?”

Jared, the infuriating little fucker, just smiled at him and stepped through the portal.


He was trying to get some idea of where the hell Jared had disappeared to. What they’d stepped into was definitely not what he’d been expecting, and Jared had come through that damn portal first.

“Damn it, Eric, you said it was just Kreuk!” Jensen shouted into the comm. He smashed a table that was flying towards him, feeling the splinters hit and bounce off his skin. “Didn’t even scratch,” he added in the direction it’d come flying from. Where the fuck was Jared? The kid wasn’t going to be so damn lucky, and Jensen couldn’t even see him. He turned his attention back to cursing Kripke. “You didn’t say shit about Mack or Venti… Milo being here, and there’s a damn difference between just dealing with someone who can climb walls and all three of them.”

And if you couldn’t get close to the telekinetic, you couldn’t hit them. Not to mention that if Venti… Milo was here, then there was probably a bomb somewhere.

Mack threw a coat rack at him. Who the fuck put a metal coat rack in a bank? And the little bitch actually managed to catch him right in the stomach—because he was still looking for the damn kid—and send him flying into a wall. “Oh, that is fucking it.” It was only fair to send the thing back where it came from.

He followed the path of the makeshift javelin quickly, grabbed a chair as he passed and threw it right at Milo, then threw himself at Mack. She shouted, jumped to avoid him, then reached up and grabbed Kreuk’s hand.

“Milo!” she was shouting down. “Kristin’s got it. Let’s go!”

“Fuck that,” Jensen said, making a grab for Milo, but it was too late; they’d teleported away. “Damn it!”

There was even more to swear about when he turned to catch sight of the bomb sitting almost innocently where Milo had been. “Shit.” He reached for the device he’d put on his belt and found only scraps of metal.

“Eric, we have a really fucking huge problem,” he said. “Where the hell is Kim. Or Tom?”

“Not here,” came the answer, crackling ominously over the comm. “What the hell is it?”

“One of Milo’s damn electronic bombs,” Jensen said. “And my computer device is broken. Fuck. We should evacuate the area immediately and—Jared, what the fuck are you doing?”

“Disabling the ‘damn electronic bomb,’” Jared said, looking up at him before looking back down, frowning as he looked it over. Where the fuck had Jared even come from?

What? You can’t do that! It’ll blow up.”

Jared laughed and gave him another small, tense grin. “Have a little faith, pookie. I know what I’m doing.”

“Is that your power? Oh my god, please tell me it’s your power.” Jared ignored him. “A kid is trying to disable a fucking bomb left by a fucking super bomb-laying villain, and he says I should have faith.” He was talking to Kripke. Really. He wasn’t resorting to mumbling to himself or anything.

“Did Jared just call you pookie?”

“Shut up, Eric. We’re about to get blown up, and you’re—” Click. Jensen looked over at Jared with wide eyes. “Tell me you didn’t just blow us up.” What? It could be one of those delayed bombs you always saw in cartoons. Where it gave you a second to think on what a waste of time your life’s been, and then KABOOM!

Jared raised an eyebrow. “No, genius. I stopped it from blowing us up.”

Jensen glanced at the bomb suspiciously before he looked back at Jared. “Seriously, is that your power?”

“No,” Jared said, laughing, the sharp edges gone from his eyes and from his smile. The dimples were back in full force. He threw an arm around Jensen’s shoulder. “That’s pure geekiness right there. C’mon, let’s go find us some fictional superheroes so we can go home.” He paused. “I actually think pookie is kind of fitting.”

Jensen was ignoring Eric laughing in the background. He was also ignoring Jared because he wasn’t going to dignify that with an answer. Even if Eric kept laughing. And laughing. And laughing.

“Shut up!”

“Sorry,” Jared said, offering one of those damn grins. “It’s just a joke. You know I’m just playing with you, right, Mr. Impenetrable Man, sir?”

“Seriously, kid, shut up.”

“But ‘impenetrable’? Really? Isn’t there another way they can describe your ability? And is that actually the truth?” Jared actually waggled his eyebrows at him. As if he hadn’t heard that joke a million times before.

“Jared. Shut up before I make you.” He should have made him a long time ago. Jared was seriously lying; his power was that super niceness thing. It had to be; there was no other reason Jensen hadn’t beaten him up yet. He made a mental note to ask Chad about it later.

“You’re cute.”

Jensen glanced over at him. “That’s it.” And then he tackled Jared. He only tickled him instead of giving him a black eye because he was just a kid. Really. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Jared looked absolutely gorgeous when he was laughing like that.


He’d decided about ten minutes after he’d met the guy that ignoring Chad was possibly the best thing anyone could do. Ever. Especially after he found out what Chad’s power was. So when Chad leaned against the wall next to him, Jensen continued to ignore him.

“Why are you waiting for him?”

Jensen opened his mouth to answer, then snapped it shut again, turning to look at Chad, eyes narrowed. “Are you using your power on me? You’re not supposed to do that.”

Chad grinned at him. “No, you’re not supposed to hit me, Steve isn’t supposed to strangle me, and Chris isn’t supposed to set me on fire. Because, y’know, that’d hurt. I can’t hurt you.”

“Liar,” Jensen said. “One day, someone should turn your power on you for a day. I’d laugh.”

“You’d laugh anyway,” Chad pointed out. He looked at the door and back at Jensen. “You like him, don’t you?”

“I’m not saying anything; your stupid power is stupid.” Jensen crossed his arms and didn’t pout. No, really, he didn’t.

“My power is awesome,” Chad said, clapping Jensen on the shoulder. “And that answers it for me, you know.”

“I just want to know what the hell’s going on,” Jensen said, rolling his eyes. “I still don’t get how he managed to disable the fucking bomb without superpowers or… I mean, why the hell is he still in there talking to Kripke?”

“Mission report,” Chad said with a serious nod. “Remember, Jensen? We’re supposed to do those sometimes.”

“I did mine.” Jensen glared again. God, Chad was just bad for his eyes. And wrinkles. He was going to get wrinkles, and it would be Chad’s fault.

“Obviously, he has more to say.” Chad shrugged. “He probably saw something you didn’t or something.”

“And he couldn’t have said that when I was there?”

Chad raised an eyebrow. Okay, so he was being a little bit unreasonable, but he had a right to know. Jared wasn’t even in sight for the most part of the damn fight, and—oh. Maybe he saw something when he was hiding. Whatever, Jared still could have told him. Or told Kripke with him in there or something.

“You know new kids,” Chad pointed out. “Besides, it was his first mission, and this is his first report. Do you really want to sit through that again?”

Chad had a point, but Jensen was not going to concede that. He was just going to continue to stare at the door as though he would develop x-ray vision or… and then the door slid open, and Jared came bouncing out, then pulled Jensen away from the wall and lead him down the hallway.

Jensen didn’t even look at Chad. He could see the smirk well enough in his mind’s eye, and letting that bastard smirk at him was not in his plans for today. Truthfully, neither was trying to keep up with his new teammate, who was talking about a hundred words a second.

“Is your power just to talk really, really fast?”

Jared stopped and burst out laughing. He pulled Jensen closer again and ruffled his hair, and god, Jensen hoped Chad had already walked away and that the sniggering sound was just his imagination. He really should hit Jared, but by the time that thought crossed his mind, Jared’s hand had settled, warm and comfortable against Jensen’s neck.

Jensen wasn’t supposed to hit teammates anyway. And Jared was just a kid. He was sticking to that excuse if it killed him.

“It’s not, by the way,” Jared clarified a moment later. He was grinning when Jensen looked up at him. “I do that anyway.”

Jensen snorted and shook his head. “Whatever. After that near-death experience, I think I need a good cup of coffee.”

“You call that a near-death experience?” Jared asked, raising an eyebrow.

Jensen raised both of his. “Do you want that cup of coffee or not?”

“Sorry.” The boy actually managed to look sheepish. “Coffee sounds really good. Where are we headed? Tim Horton’s? Starbucks? There’s this really great coffee place not that far off fifth and—”


Jared choked. “Sorry?”

Jensen grinned, opening one of the portals. “We’re superheroes, Jared. We just saved the world. Why would we go to Starbucks?”


“You should let me pick a place this time,” Jared said as they headed away from where Kripke was gesturing widely and shouting at one of the policemen. One more bad guy down and still absolutely no idea where Evil Incorporated was keeping the giant diamond from the bank robbery. And why on earth they wanted it anyway because seriously, it wasn’t like they could sell it without someone noticing, and just sitting and staring at a diamond that size would get a little frustrating. It was very pretty and all—or, at least, it looked like it from the pictures—but it wasn’t very useful. And usually, these bad guys went for useful.

The fact that they were obviously missing some piece of the puzzle was incredibly annoying, and considering the look that’d been constantly stuck on Kripke’s face since the robbery, Eric also knew a lot more than he was telling them.

Or that look could have something to do with the fact that the bad guys had become increasingly good at slipping under their radar. Whatever it was, Kripke was not a happy bunny, and—Jensen felt an arm around his waist, tugging him back hard against a solid chest. He knew they both belonged to Jared in an instant.

He flushed, turning slightly and glaring. “What the hell, Jared? What is it with you and touching me all the time? I mean, little touches, that’s one thing, but wrapping your arms around my waist and—”

Jared immediately dropped his hand and rolled his eyes at Jensen, lips turning into an annoyed frown. “Don’t go getting your panties in a twist, Jensen,” he said, gesturing behind him.

Jensen turned back around and found his nose several centimeters away from the wall. The wall that was covered in glass shards from the earlier fight, all looking sharp and very deadly. Especially when Jensen’s power hadn’t been turned on.

“Oh.” He turned back around and gave Jared a sheepish smile. “Sorry. And uh… thanks.” He rubbed at the back of his neck. “For that, you can pick where to go for coffee?”

Jared’s grin turned wicked. Jensen shook his head, eyebrows shooting up. “You can’t—no, seriously, you can’t.”

“You said my turn to pick.”

“After Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Italy… you cannot seriously…” Jensen shook his head again, more adamantly this time. “Jared. Seriously.”

Jared grinned, turned the corner, and clapped gleefully. “Starbucks.

He took one step backwards but Jared was faster, fingers curling around his wrist (oh lord, they were big fingers) and pulling him towards the villainous building, proclaiming its existence as an empire in green and white. If there was any evil incorporation they should be fighting, he was convinced it was Starbucks and its ability to spread like a disease and lure people into its grasp. No one looked up when they went in.

Jared dragged him towards the line. He was practically bouncing already, and he hadn’t even had his caffeine intake yet. There was definitely something wrong with this place. Jensen glanced around. Everyone went about their business like superheroes came and went every day; the girl behind the counter didn’t even bat an eyelash when Jared stepped up to order.

“One venti double shot gingerbread latte for me, and…” Jared turned and looked at Jensen expectantly. Jensen stared back at him. “Uh, make that two,” he told the barista, smiling and handing over the cash as Jensen looked past the counter and up at the menu.

What the hell happened to regular coffee?

He was still staring dubiously at the menu when Jared put the huge cup into his hand. “What the hell is this?”

“It’s good,” Jared promised, already taking a big gulp. “Trust me.”

Jensen brought it to his lips and took a slow sip. “Is that… gingerbread?”

Jared nodded. “See? It’s good, right?”

Jensen shrugged and took another sip. When he looked up, he found Jared grinning maniacally at him, watching as he cradled the cup close. “You like it, right? Right?”

Jensen shrugged again.

“See?” Jared threw one arm over his shoulders and lead him out. “It’s good.”

“It’s not coffee,” Jensen said, stubborn. “Definitely, definitely not coffee.” It wasn’t. Whatever Jared wanted to call it, it wasn’t coffee. Sure, it might have caffeine in it, but it was just—no. No. Not coffee.

“Ah.” Jensen was going to ignore that tone of voice. He was also going to ignore Jared’s shit-eating grin because it was really not cute at all. “But you didn’t deny that you like it. You do like it! You went to Starbucks, and you liked it.”

Jensen was going to plead the fifth.


He didn’t get it. No one was even supposed to know that his powers needed turning on and off, let alone how to tell. It wasn’t like bad guys generally looked at the colour of his hair and eyes and went, “Oh, that looks lighter than usual; I wonder why.”

But they’d known. It hadn’t even been a lucky shot or a guess—they’d definitely known. The “throw it now, Allison, he’s vulnerable now” kind of gave that much away.

Jensen let out a breath and shifted the ice pack on his head, trying not to scratch or rub too much at the bandages. He wasn’t used to it; he didn’t exactly get hurt often, and the bandages itched. It had been a long time since anything had had to actually heal, and he wasn’t looking forward to trying to make himself ignore the itching that came with stitches and scabbing.

And to make things worse, being shipped off to get checked out at the clinic as soon as the fight had finished had meant he’d missed out on going for coffee with Jared.

Not that that was the important thing or a date or anything like that. It was just fun to have someone to hang out with for a change. There was only so much hanging around with Steve and Chris that you could do before you started feeling a little awkward and third-wheel-like, and it was just much better to have someone to share things with. That was all.

Yes. Really.

Denial? Who, him? Never.

It was just… well, that had to be Jared’s power. It had to be—the ability to make everyone everywhere like him, no matter how hard they tried not to. Not that Jensen could figure out how that would help superheroes anywhere though because, well, what could Jared actually do with it? Drown bad guys in kindness? Be nice to every villain until they felt bad, put down their weapons, and became a tree-hugging hippie?

He started at the knock on his door before he was pushing himself off the couch and opening it, making sure his powers were activated just in case. He wasn’t taking chances anymore.

Instead of attacking him, Jared grinned at him from the other side. He held up two cups of Starbucks in his hands.

“Since you couldn’t come for coffee,” he said as he breezed past Jensen, through the door and straight for the couch. “I thought I’d bring it to you.”

“That’s not coffee,” Jensen said, shutting the door and following him inside. He took the cup with a grateful smile and tried to keep the stupid grin that threatened to break out off his face. Too telling and really, really not manly. He had to remind himself that he was a superhero and not a teenager with a crush. Really. Seriously, he wasn’t. “That stuff is not allowed to be called coffee. How many times do we have to go through this?”

Jared just smirked at him. “Admit it. You’re glad I got it for you.”

To be honest, Jensen was just glad Jared came around, but he wasn’t about to actually say that. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. My teeth won’t thank me when they rot.”

Jared laughed and took a slow sip of his drink. “Not if you brush and floss them.”

Jensen rolled his eyes. “Yes, mother.” He sipped at the drink, cradling it in his hand, and looked up at Jared, who looked like he couldn’t quite sit still. He kept shifting and fidgeting and looking right back at Jensen. “What is it?” Jensen finally asked.

“Are you okay?”

That couldn’t possibly have been what Jared had spent the last ten minutes trying to say to him. Seriously, it just couldn’t. “What?”

“Are you—uh, are you okay?” Big hazel eyes stared back at him as he looked at Jared in disbelief.

“Yeah, I’m—I’m fine. It’s not that… y’know, it’s not that bad. Really.”

Jared didn’t quite look like he believed him. Jensen let out a breath and shifted to sit next to him on the couch, nudging Jared’s shoulder with his own.

“C’mon, Jay,” he said. “It’s not that bad.”

“You had to go to the infirmary.”

Jensen rolled his eyes. “Don’t argue. It’s really not bad. They let me home. In fact, I walked home.”

“But you never have to—you’re supposed to be impenetrable.”

“Except when I’m not.” Jensen let out a breath. “Look, it shouldn’t have happened.”

“Damn fucking straight it shouldn’t have! Why the hell weren’t you more careful? Why didn’t you—I—fuck, Jensen.”

Jensen stared at him. “Jared…” He trailed off. What could he say to something like that, especially when he could see the clear, almost panicked concern in Jared’s eyes. “I’m okay. They shouldn’t have—they shouldn’t have even known they could touch me. It’s not supposed to be common knowledge that I can turn it off, let alone… they shouldn’t have even known. But now they do.” He nudged Jared again. “I’ll be more careful.”

Jared was still frowning at him.

“Jared,” Jensen said softly. “I’m okay, all right? I just—I know it’s a bit—it’s unexpected for me, too. Superheroes get hurt all the time, and—”

“Not you,” Jared interrupted. “You don’t.”

“Not before, but it’s just—I’m fine, Jay. It’s just going to take a little while to heal, that’s all. I’m not used to it, either, but it’s not the end of the world.” He paused and really looked at Jared for the first time.

Really let himself look.

“Jared,” he said a little more gently as he put his hand on Jared’s arm. “I’m fine, really. Are you okay? I get it that it’s shocking, but… well, why is this bothering you so much?”

Jared looked at him, wide-eyed and obviously scared. “You really don’t get it, do you?”

Huh? “Get what?” He tilted his head to the side, frowning. “Jared? What is it?”

“God, Jen.” The laughter sounded a little strained. “You really have no idea. You’re so fucking clueless, it’s really almost cute.”

“I don’t—wha—?” And then Jared’s lips were against his, pressing in and lingering before he pulled back. When Jensen opened his eyes, Jared was looking back at him, careful and nervous. “Jay?”

Jared licked his lips. Without really registering that he was doing it, Jensen mimicked the movement.

“I like you,” Jared murmured, and how could he reply to that except by curling his fingers into Jared’s shirt and pulling him back in close so he could kiss him again, deep and wanting. Jared moaned and arched into him, kissing back just as fiercely, and suddenly, it wasn’t enough anymore. He moved so he was straddling Jared’s lap and licked deeper into his mouth, rubbing against him.


“Yeah,” Jared breathed, hands resting on Jensen’s waist and pulling him down again. “God, Jensen, yes. I—oh, god. You… you’re, fuck, Jen.”

“Yeah,” Jensen murmured, rolling his hips a little against Jared as Jared did that, feeling—oh, god. He moaned low in his throat and rubbed down again, slower this time, feeling Jared getting harder under him. And holy shit, maybe that was Jared’s superpower. “Jay…”

Jared moaned again, rocking up, fingers clutching at Jensen’s shirt. “Jensen. Want you. Really want you. Please… I need—I need to—oh, god, please.”

“Yeah,” Jensen breathed, lifting up onto his knees and pulling his shirt off before working on getting his jeans off as well. “You, too,” he breathed, hand dropping to tug at Jared’s shirt for a second longer. “C’mon, Jay, please.”

Jensen was pleased to see that Jared wasn’t wasting any time getting his clothes off, either, and as soon as Jared’s jeans came off, Jensen’s mouth watered. “Oh, fuck, Jared….”

Jared actually blushed and ducked his head, reaching up to slide his hands over Jensen’s waist and pull him back into his lap, touch soft and reverent as he leaned up to kiss Jensen, far more intimate than anything else they’d shared. “Fuck… you… god, Jensen, you’re even more gorgeous than I imagined.”

“You imagined this? Me?”

Jared actually laughed. “God, yes, Jensen. You’re…hell, yes. I’d—you’d have to be blind not to see how beautiful you are.”

Jensen made a soft sound and pressed down against Jared again, shifting until Jared’s dick slid against his own. They both moaned and clutched a little more desperately at each other, and Jensen started to rock against him slowly. He dipped his head and licked into Jared’s mouth, hand sliding over Jared’s skin, thumb brushing over the lobe of his ear.

“Yeah, fuck, Jensen…”

“Not enough time,” Jensen muttered, kissing him harder as he rocked a little more. “Need—need this too much.”

“Yeah, okay.” Jared’s hand curled around both their cocks and oh, god. His eyes almost rolled into the back of his head as he arched into it a little more. “Oh, god. Holy shit, Jared—that—oh, god.”

“Jen—oh—fuck, Jen, you’re…” He could hear Jared’s voice getting rougher and rougher as his movements got more and more needy, his strokes starting to lose rhythm. “C’mon—god, c’mon.”

Jared’s thumb slid over the tip of Jensen’s dick as Jared whispered his name, low and wanting. The sound of that, the way Jared said it—everything about this went straight down, and the world almost whited out as he came harder than he had in his life.

Somewhere in his haze, he felt Jared spilling over his stomach, but by then, it was all he could do to cling to Jared’s shoulders and rest his head on Jared’s shoulder.

It wasn’t much longer before he felt Jared’s lips on his temple, lazy and happy. He turned, tipping his head up so he could catch Jared’s mouth before he moved away. “That was fast.”

“Yeah,” Jared whispered. “It was.”

“Too fast,” Jensen said, kissing him again, still smiling. “We need to try that again.”

“Later.” Jared laughed. “Because as fast as that was, I think my brain shot out of my dick.”

“Mmhmm.” He was pretty sure there was something else he had to say about that, but he was feeling very, very sated, comfortable, and practically liquid. He didn’t even quite register Jared coaxing him onto his feet and the two of them somehow stumbling into his bedroom before collapsing onto the bed.

And then all he could think of was how nice it was to have someone to curl up with as he fell asleep.


There was no one beside him when he woke up—that much he knew almost immediately. It wasn’t late; the sunlight was still just filtering through the window, so there wasn’t even that excuse, but the other side of the bed was most definitely empty. And cold.

He sighed and rubbed at his eyes, reluctantly opening them to confirm what he already knew, and caught sight of the bright pink piece of paper sitting on his bedside table. He reached blindly for it and squinted at the words on the page.

I had to go, but please don’t think it was because I didn’t want to stay. I really, really didn’t want to go at all because I wanted to stay and you look really pretty when. Last night was amazing. And we should talk because I really want you to figure out where we’re going next.

It was so amazing, Jensen. You’re so amazing. I didn’t want to leave.

So. I’ll see you later, okay?

Jensen was grinning by the time he’d finished reading the note. It was just… so Jared, and Jared was really kind of irresistible. How a superhero—whatever his ability was—could be such a dork, Jensen would never know.

Then something occurred to him. If Jared was on a mission, and Jensen wasn’t with him, who was he with? Because Kripke had sent Jared tagging along on every single one of Jensen’s missions since he’d met him. Jensen rolled out of bed and grabbed his clothes, dressing as he opened the comic book and headed straight to the control room.

On the way in, he passed Chris, Steve, Chad, and pretty much everyone else. There was no one else Jared could be with.

“Who is he with?” Jensen demanded as soon as he stormed into the room. “Where is he?”

Kripke looked around. “What?”

“Jared,” Jensen clarified. “He’s out on a mission, isn’t he? And if he’s not with me—not with any of us—who is he with?”

“No one,” Kripke said, taking three steps back as Jensen moved forwards without even realizing he had. Once Jensen caught himself, he shook his head and turned back around.

“Where is he?” he demanded. “What is he dealing with? I don’t fucking care what kind of test you want to put him through, Kripke, but he’s just a kid. You can’t send him there alone. There’s no fucking reason for you to—”

“You can’t help him,” Eric shouted, interrupting him. “If you go storming out there looking for him now, you’ll do more harm than good, Jensen. You’ll get him killed.”

Jensen froze, then turned back around slowly. “What?”

“You can’t help him.”

“Why the fuck not?”

“Because he’s undercover,” Kripke said. At Jensen’s look, he sighed. “Jared’s a shapeshifter, Jensen.”

“Shapeshifter?” Jensen blinked. And then gaped. “Jared’s a shapeshifter, and you sent him under cover?” He grabbed Kripke’s shoulders. “Eric, you sent him in there alone? When there’s obviously—when someone’s obviously—they knew my secret, Eric, what’s to say they don’t know Jared’s too?”

“Because no one knows Jared’s,” Kripke explained patiently. “That’s why he couldn’t tell anyone, and the moment we heard about you getting hurt, we decided we couldn’t wait any longer.”

“So you… fuck.”

“He’ll be fine, Jensen,” Kripke said, and Jensen was ignoring the fact that he sounded like he was trying to convince himself as well as Jensen. “Jared’s… he’s a good kid. Smart and resourceful, and no one knows about his power. He’ll be just fine.”


He didn’t get any sleep. In fact, he didn’t go home. He hung around the base, distracted enough that Eric and Kim attempted to sit him down and talk him out of it. After about five minutes, it started to sound disturbingly like “The Talk”—boyfriends and responsibility, and Jensen started getting a little freaked out that they were going to go into safe sex. So he broke down the door and walked out.

It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate their concern—and for the record, he did notice that they weren’t sending him out on any really important missions; he just didn’t care. It was just that he had more important things on his mind.

Like Jared.

And how he was a shapeshifter—but that somehow didn’t matter half as much as the fact that he was undercover, surrounded by enemies and alone. There was nothing Jensen could do to help him.

Six days later, Jared finally stumbled through a portal. Jensen fought the urge to grab him and shake him until Jared told him exactly what had happened or if he was okay. Considering the super strength, that would defeat the purpose completely.

“Jared!” He looked exhausted. When Jared turned to look at him, there was something in his eyes that Jensen didn’t quite recognise. It actually looked like trepidation, although what he was nervous about, Jensen couldn’t quite figure out. Maybe it was about the other night.

“Jensen. I…” Jared let out a slow breath. “Can we talk later? After I talk to Kripke. Please.”

“Sure,” Jensen said, reaching up to squeeze Jared’s arm. “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Jared stopped, turned to look at him, and hesitated for a second. His eyes flicked down to Jensen’s lips, which really only gave Jensen one option. He moved his hand to the back of Jared’s neck and pulled him down into a soft kiss. “I’ll see you later.”

Jared gave him a smile, eyes lighting up despite the tiredness. “Later.”

Jensen walked with him to the control room anyway.

“What’s going on?” He looked up to find Steve coming his way.

“It’s Jared… he’s back.”

Steve leaned against the wall next to him. “You trust him, don’t you?”

That made Jensen turn. Steve wasn’t looking at him. Instead, he was looking at the closed door. Jensen turned the look into a glare. “Steve. What did you just ask me?”

“Whether you trusted him.” Steve looked back at him evenly. “Don’t glare at me, Jensen. It’s a fair question.”

“You don’t? Trust him, I mean.”

“I haven’t—I don’t know. I don’t know what to think. Chris says—”

Chris says?” Jensen almost shouted. “He’s always saying things, and you’re always going right along with him. Can’t you think for yourself for once?”

The look Steve gave him was hard to describe, but it made Jensen’s stomach twist. “Steve.”

“Don’t, Jensen.” Steve shook his head and pushed away from the wall. “Just… don’t, okay?”

“I didn’t—Steve. I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry. Please,” he said. “Just… wait with me. Please.”

Steve sighed. He looked torn for a moment before he just nodded and relaxed again, giving Jensen a look.

“I trust him,” Jensen said softly after a few moments. He owed that much to Steve, after all. “I… can’t explain it. I just… I trust him. There’s something about him, Steve….”

“Are you sure that’s not just his dick?”

“Steve!” Jensen hit him on the shoulder, feeling his cheeks start to burn. Steve chuckled, opening his mouth to say something else when the door opened and Kripke poked his head out.

“Call the others,” he said. “And come inside.”


Shapeshifter?! That’s—”

“Chris, don’t!” Jensen shouted, finding himself between Jared and Chris within seconds. “Damn it, listen.”

“He’s a shifter, and he didn’t tell us?”

“Listen!” Kripke shouted. “That’s because I told him not to.” They all looked around and fixed him with a look. “I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that the bad guys seem to know a hell of a lot more than they should.” Eric swallowed hard and looked at them one by one. “Someone’s leaking information to them.”

“The shifter.”

Chris, stop fucking trying to blame Jared for something he didn’t—”

“It’s only just started. It’s the only explanation. It’s got to be—”

“It’s not.” Eric again. “There’s a leak—but there isn’t a traitor.”

“How does that even work?” Even Jensen didn’t understand that.

Jared swallowed hard. “It’s… information’s…” He sighed and looked at Tom. “Have you been talking to your new boyfriend about us? Everything here?”

“I… sometimes,” Tom said, raising his hands as all glances turned to glares. “I didn’t—I mean, we’re getting serious. It’s been stressful!”

“Mike’s… well, it’s Mike.”

“What’s Mike?”

“You know how we’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out who’s leading the villains? Who’s organizing them and planning for them?” They nodded. “It’s Mike.”

“No.” Tom shook his head and backed away. “No way. Mike wouldn’t do that.”


“I’ve got to go.” Tom was still shaking his head. “It can’t be. I can’t—Mike wouldn’t. I’ve—I have to go.”

Steve took a few steps towards him. “Tom.”

“I just. Please. I need to go.” He was looking at Eric. Eric looked around at all of them before he looked back at Tom and nodded.

They watched as Eric sighed and rubbed at his neck before he looked back at them. “I think you all should go home and get some rest. We’ll figure this out tomorrow.”


He threaded his fingers through Jared’s and pulled him to the back of the group, waiting until everyone else had gone through before he directed a portal towards his own place. He didn’t let go of Jared’s hand even when he’d pushed the door shut behind him.

Instead, he just tugged Jared back to the bedroom and leaned up to kiss him, slow and easy, fingers sliding down his back.

“Jensen—I—Jen—” Jared’s fingers were trailing over his spine.

“Shh,” Jensen murmured against Jared’s lips. “It’s okay, Jared. It’s really okay.” He walked him back to the bed and then just pushed him down onto it. He slid his fingers through Jared’s hair and leaned down to kiss him again, licking into his mouth. “Jay. God, Jared, I was so worried.”

Their clothes were in the way. The only way to remedy that was to reach down and start on Jared’s buttons. His eyes flicked up, wanting to watch Jared’s reactions, but he found Jared’s eyes closed, his breathing beginning to even out.

Jensen couldn’t help but smile. “God, Jared…” He shook his head and closed his eyes, activating his powers so he could move Jared more fully onto the bed. He settled Jared carefully before he curled around him, still smiling. He should probably be offended; instead, there was this warm fuzzy feeling in his stomach. Jensen leaned down and kissed Jared, smile softening as Jared turned into it blindly.

He sighed, mostly at himself—when had he turned into such a damn sap?—and threw an arm over Jared’s waist, rested his head on Jared’s shoulder, and closed his eyes.

He was starting to feel those five sleepless nights, and, well, Jared made a very good pillow.
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