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The home to the fanfiction of dea_liberty.

Her current interest lies in the Supernatural fandom, including SPN RPS, however this journal also houses her other works, which are mostly in the King Arthur (2004) and Harry Potter fandom, with the occasional fic from various anime/manga/games. They all still have a place in her heart even if Supernatural has completely eaten up her brain.


Warnings: Work contained herewithin depict homosexual and sometimes incestuous relationships. The journal also contains real person slash. I accept no responsibility for any discomfort any of this may cause you.

Disclaimer: The characters of any fanfiction contained herewithin are not mine - and the fiction depicting actors are not descriptions of real events; events, feelings and whatever else are fictional (which means NOT TRUE), and occur purely in the author's mind. I do not claim them and I make no profit from them.


Credits: Images from "Supernatural" belonging to Eric Kripke, header made by moveablehistory. Coding for layout done by halffling, based on the Opal template by ignited, customised and edited slightly by dea_liberty. Mood theme by fallonblackdays.

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